• Chelsea Youngquist

We're BACK!

Whew. It's been quite a year! Having a baby, buying a house, moving, and getting married all in 12 months is NOT recommended. Not by me anyway. Zoe-Margaret arrived in May, and she has captured the hearts of all of us...she's magical. Her big brothers are absolutely in love with her and it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Charlie and I bought a house in Brooklyn Park and moved in August. We got married in our backyard on a VERY COLD October day.

We've been busy with the holidays and settling in to our new life, but we're getting there and I figure it's time for a new project. Charlie is always telling me to stop adding more projects but I literally cannot. I have too many things I love doing and creating!! I've definitely still been cooking as much as I possibly can and I can't wait to share some new dishes with you!

Coming this spring, we're bringing back Feed Me Vegan, WITH A TWIST.

I'm delighted to introduce Feed Me Vegan: Family Style. The same delicious food, goofy fun and solid information you've come to expect from the show but with small adorable guests and kid-friendly food. Expect to see episodes such as Harry Potter and Star Wars-themed meals, easy school lunches, kid-approved snacks, and fast and easy dinners they will ACTUALLY EAT. We'll be bringing on lovely guests to chit chat about feeding KIDS vegan and promote local businesspeople and influencers.

With huge thank yous, shoutouts and accolades to our previous co-hosts, Norine and Ryan, to all the guests who have joined us on set, and to those of you who have followed us through our previous incarnations, we are excited for our new format. I, Chelsea, will continue as your host, along with guest hosts including my adorable and (hopefully) cooperative children.

We continue to be sponsored by the Animal Rights Coalition, this time through the wonderful VegKins program, which aims to provide support and community for those raising vegan kids. The program will be televised on CCX Create, and filmed in their Brooklyn Park studios by many of the same folks, to whom we are so grateful for their expertise, cooperation and support.

If you're new to Feed Me Vegan, you can check out past episodes on YouTube. We are currently filming your fresh new episodes which will be published in late-February, early March. Feel free to contact us through this site or our social media, or email We welcome your suggestions for show ideas, guests, and topics of discussion.

Whether you are raising your kids vegan, are interested in incorporating more plant-based meals into your diet, or are simply curious about veganism, check us out! We'll make the learning and discovery process fun and painless.

Thanks for being here and we'll see you soon!